Getting Publicity


Getting publicity for your company or organization can be as easy as following the national news. The media is always looking for local angles to major national stories. You can make the most of this opportunity with a little creative thinking and your company's fresh perspective on the hot topic of the day.

A few ideas include:

  • Shedding light on the latest scam.

  • Tell the public how to avoid being victimized and how your company is taking steps to protect its customers. This builds your reputation as a "good guy" and consumer advocate.

  • Promote the expertise of your staff. Offer interviews with your market expert the next time the Dow soars (or plunges) to record levels.

  • Have a knowledgeable physician address local concerns about the latest disease outbreak. This strategy sets you apart as a leader in your field. All politics is local.

  • Tell the public how pending legislation affecting your industry will impact their lives.

  • Offer your small business as an example of how proposed tax increases will impact your company and your employees.

  • Let the media know when a new federal program becomes available to help low income home buyers.

  • Keep your eye on trade journals for ideas.

  • Make the most of your charitable efforts.

  • Alert local and national media if your company sends a truckload of clothing to hurricane victims.

  • Do something special for an employee stationed overseas with the National Guard. If possible, try to connect the media with a recipient of your goodwill, particularly if the person has local ties. Be sure to get on the story early. You may have missed your chance if you don't give the reporter enough time to meet his or her deadline for the evening paper or 6 o'clock newscast. Plus, your competitors may have the same idea.

  • Also, know whom to pitch in the media, because targeting stories to the right reporter is a key to getting coverage quickly. Remember, your spokesperson or expert needs to be readily available and prepared. If you anticipate and prepare for both positive and negative questions, you can control the interview and generate a good story for your organization. 


TIMELY PR TIP: Does your company take pride in its grounds? Invite a local TV station to come out for a "weather shot" of your spring flowers in bloom. Tell them if you have employees who take breaks or lunch there, or if you have interesting wildlife that visit.


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